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quote markThe Science of Street Fighting" series is great! I have been looking for a long time for self defense instruction that could show me techniques that I could use and would actually work for me. Good job guys".

Julie Orlandi, RN

quote markMy fiancé sent me a set of your DVD's..Outstanding stuff. Having seen just about everything out there, from Hock to Blauer,etc..I must say yours rank right up there with the very best!! Keep up the great work!"

(South Africa)

quote mark Very impressed with the videos, good job!"

Peter (The Bahamas)

quote markExcellent!"

Lingampraveen (India)

quote markI have had the oppurtunity to train personally with Richard over the last few years. The same professionalism, skill, and dedication he has shown when he works with you personally has been brought forward in "The Science of Street Fighting" video series. Thanks for making this type of training avaliable."

Jason Antonucci, Contractor

quote markHaving been a prison guard, bouncer, professional ring fighter, street fighter and body guard, I have been in more hard-core violent situations than I can count. I highly recommend "The Science of Street Fighting" video series as an excellent source of instruction for real life self defense. You can really tell these guys know what they are doing."

John "The Hammer" Harris (HITS Training Academy and Equipment)
California Representattive for the US Mauy Thai Assoc.

quote markExcellent information, practical, effective, easy to learn and use techniques. I have seen and own many other self defense instructional videos and nothing has come close to the quality of instruction, information and video production of "The Science of Street Fighting" video series. I highly recommend this series to anyone."

Captain Daniel Buberl, USAF