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  Photo montage of Personal Protection Pro self-defense video series
  $300.00 (Set includes Videos 1-3 plus Bonus Video). Ships free in U.S. and Canada.


We offer a 20% discount to those who have been through Personal Protection Pro's live training or to members of the National Association of Realtors: $240 for complete set.

Regardless of your self-defense experience you will find our Personal Protection System powerful, unique, highly effective and easy to implement.

We realize that most people that watch our videos or take our training will not be super athletes or have extensive backgrounds in self defense. So we have designed a complete set of videos that train you in a Personal Protection System that can be used with a high degree of effectiveness by nearly anyone.

We take a systematic approach in teaching you, and that is why we sell Videos 1 through 3 as a set. No matter where you are in your self-defense skills—from beginner to advanced—you start at Video 1 and finish with Video 3. Each technique builds on the next, taking you from your basic stance in Video 1 to fighting multiple opponents in Video 3.

In Video 1 we will teach you your basic stance, effective ways of movement, powerful knee and elbow strikes, and how to use them in combination against someone attacking you.

In Video 2 we take you into the area of pre-emptive strikes: getting the jump on your attacker before they get the jump on you. We will teach you how to effectively deliver powerful pre-emptive throat and face strikes, and pre-emptive elbow, knee and shin strikes. Along with teaching pre-emptive strikes, we take you through a section on stand-up aggression—what to expect and how to react when you are in a situation where someone is getting ready to attack you. We will also take you through a section on body mechanics and how you can apply them to controlling or subduing your attacker.

In Video 3 we bring together everything that we have shown you and take it into the field to defend against multiple attackers—every technique that we teach can be expanded into a multiple attacker situation. We will also teach you how to handle being grabbed or choked, and we have a section on how to use a wall or other objects in your environment as tools to help you defeat an attack.

For our bonus video we went out and staged attacks in some of the most common areas where people get attacked. To give you a real-world perspective on what really happens in an attack and how to respond, we show an attack, then counter using the techniques that we taught you in Videos 1 through 3. We shot the attacks and counters with different camera angles and then broke the process down with a running narrative and scenes shot in real-time and in slow-motion.

Our videos are high quality and professionally shot. All our techniques are practical, effective and easy to implement.