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Agent Safety and Self Defense Seminars

Personal Protection Pro in conjunction with Catapult Sales Training presents a four-hour Agent Safety and Self Defense Seminar.

Part one of this seminar focuses on office and agent safety procedures. Specific guidelines, systems and procedures for offices and individual agents to follow will be presented. The second half of our seminar addresses the mind set of the perpetrator and a hand’s on self defense class to empower agents to prevent and/or escape dangerous situations.

Do not wait until there is an incident where one of your agents is hurt to take action. Participants will leave this seminar with the tools and systems necessary for a safe and secure career in sales. An agent and office safety and self defense booklet is available to each participant. We look forward to empowering your members to stay safe and prosper.

Call us today at 760-668-9408 to schedule a seminar for your office or organization.


Download Flyer: Real Estate Agent Safety & Self Defense Seminar