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Self Defense has become a buzzword, with many people claiming to teach personal protection techniques. In reality, what a number of instructors teach has little or nothing to do with what it takes to survive in a real-life attack.

Personal Self Defense

Personal Protection Pro offers a practical self-defense personal protection system. This easy-to-learn training is designed so that anyone—women, men, big, small, trained and untrained, and in a wide variety of physical conditions—can have access to powerful, effective, easy-to-use high-level training.

We at Personal Protection Pro believe that it's everyone's right to feel safe and to receive the highest self-defense training available. We offer real-world personal protection based on real-world experience.

Our system is a close quarter fighting system, so you're able to close distances with speed and power, to move at angles on your attacker, and to deliver powerful and effective strikes (elbows, heel palm, knees). These abilities will give you a superior advantage in any situation.

Learn from the people who have been there.

Our combined experience of over forty years in the self defense and personal protection fields as martial artists, high risk adventure guides, protection specialists, instructors. This experience combined with our extensive knowledge of fighting systems of the world has given us the broad knowledge base and skill necessary to design a highly effective, easy-to- learn and naturally implemented self defense system.

We are not restrained and limited by outdated fighting systems. Instead, we are constantly training, researching and developing a Personal Protection System that can be used in the realties of our modern world.

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