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A self-defense move between instructorsWhat is The Science of Street Fighting?

The Science of Street Fighting is Personal Protection Pro's highly specialized self defense system. We call it a science because we have broken down what it takes for the average person to survive an attack — whether it is by one attacker or by multiple attackers. All the techniques that you will learn are effective and powerful. We have systematically broken these techniques into moves that are easy to learn and practice so that the average person can implement them if or when the need arises.

Your Body's Response to Fear and Danger

Unpredicted, sudden attacks are brutal, fast, and have no rules. That’s why your traditional fighting systems are not effective. The techniques we teach you are based on gross motor skills, because when you are in a situation where you are scared, nervous, fearing for your life or experiencing serious bodily injury, your heart rate goes up and your fine to mid-range motor skills go out the window. Basically you have about 40 to 50% of your normal abilities under high stress situations.

Our system is a close quarter fighting system, so your ability to close distances with speed and ballistic power(footwork),your ability to triangulate (to move at angles on your attacker), and your ability to deliver powerful and effective strikes (elbows, heel palm, knees) will give you a superior advantage in any situation you may find yourself.


Learn from the People Who Have Been There

Our combined experience of over forty years in the fighting field as martial artists, high risk adventure guides, protection specialists, instructors and our extensive knowledge of fighting systems of the world has given us the broad knowlege base, experience and skill necessary to design a highly effective, easy-to-learn and naturally implemented Personal Protection System.


It's EVERYONE'S Right to Feel Safe

Never before has this information been available to the general public. Up to this time we have reserved it for special groups and private instruction. We at Personal Protection Pro believe that it’s everyone's right to feel safe and to receive the highest training available. We are not restrained and limited by outdated fighting systems. We are constantly training, researching and developing a Personal Protection System that can be used in the realties of our modern world.